[Hyperview glasses free 3D]

The deep impression of 3D usually requires the use of 3D glasses. But 3D glasses itself represents one of the most disturbing drawbacks of 3D vision.
No doubt, the future of 3D is 3D without the glasses. And you may have seen a few glasses free 3D displays (including our own 3D display with 64 perspectives) in the last couple of years.
However, even 64 views don’t deliver a hologram-like representation of a scene. Such a holographic sensation needs much more perspective views -  rather counted in millions than in thousands.

We were thinking, computing and experimenting on this problem for almost two decades…
And, we’ve finally cracked it.

The hyperview approach combines an insane high amount of perspective views (sometimes many millions) within a single 3D image. That’s what we dreamed of for years.

Different from other 3D technologies, Hyperview doesn’t require 3D glasses nor an extra build 3D screen. Hyperview works on every conventional flat panel display without the need of any hardware change. Hyperview is a sophisticated scientific algorithm, which allows to store the lightfield of a scene within the 3D data.

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Dou you still use 3D glasses?

Free your eyes!


It's Hyperview.
Hyperview is more than 3D evolution, it is disruption. 

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